Fisherman's Tale

The Idea for Decked Out Jon Boats started many years ago.  Bass Fishing was in my blood from a very young age.  As soon as I had keys to a truck, I started looking for a Jon boat.  It wasn’t long after, that I had casting decks and a fully automated live-well built into my little 1236.  I really went overboard using heavier materials than I needed and making things up as I went. After I finished my first boat build, it was off to the local reservoirs for some bass fishing.  I bumped into some of the members of a club that fished these local lakes.  I was ready to test my skills in a real tournament setting and really enjoyed the atmosphere.  I found success in these tournaments and moved into a bass boat and started fishing the big waters. After years of chasing bass and dealing with all the traffic from jet skies and ski boats….I decided to make the move back to the calmer waters and better fishing, that the reservoir fishing in Georgia has to offer.   I decided that since I’d be going back to little lakes, I needed to build the ultimate reservoir rig.  I ended up choosing an 1860 press HD8DDP.  I run Hummingbird helix units,  an Ultrex, two Talons and a 60v Ray Electric Outboard.  I fish in one of the largest electric clubs in the south east and aim to qualify for the mega tournament called the Georgia Bass Total Electric Championship.  Decked out Jon Boats has become a gathering place for the tournament anglers as well as people looking to improve their boat in any way.  We all get to learn from each others knowledge.  We have many modified Jon Boats and hulls in our group along with some excellent anglers.  Stop by and say hi!  Let us check out your rigs and catches! 

Good luck and Tight Lines! 

- Brett Cummings